About us

The Israel Economic Development Company operates within a model that is unique in the Israeli real estate market – Customized Real Estate Development.

The company deals in the initiation, management, betterment, and optimal realization of land in Israel, for itself and for a broad spectrum of companies and individuals in the Israeli market.

Our Company brings together a skilled team of leaders with vast knowledge and experience in initiating and developing real-estate projects, encompassing the full range of zoning types.
The company’s staff specializes in the optimal realization of the potential inherent in the land, customized to its owners and their needs.

Our Values

Love of people and land

Building up the land, while emphasizing the individual’s well-being, provides immense satisfaction and the joy of achievement to all those involved in the work.


Broad knowledge, many years of experience, built-in professional management, flexible thinking, and creativity – all these together ensure successful development.

Fairness and transparency

Teamwork and full cooperation of all those involved in the work, with fairness and full transparency,
contributes to success and to the best results.


We build communities – family, business, residential, recreation and leisure.
Synergy, a community where the sum of all its parts is greater than the whole.

Our Team

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Customized Real Estate

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