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Israel Economic Development Company introduces customized real-estate entrepreneurship to the Israeli market.
Our company is led by a team of reputable professionals with proven knowledge and experience in all aspects of the real-estate process. IEDC’s notable advantage is providing landowners with customized solutions for the highest and best use of their asset.

IEDC’s business activities include initiating real-estate projects for all property types; All-inclusive entrepreneurship management for landowners through outsourcing, strategic real-estate consulting and land and property improvement. Responsibility and professionalism in real-estate are the basis of the full range of our company’s activities.

About us

Company Profile

The Israel Economic Development Company operates using a model that is unique in the Israeli real-estate market: Our Company brings together a skilled team of leaders with vast knowledge and experience in initiating and developing real-estate projects, encompassing the full range of property types from the conceptual stage to the project’s successful completion and operation.

The company director, Ofir Greenberg is a reputable key player in the Israeli real-estate arena, with proven managerial experience in some of the leading entrepreneurial and contracting firms in Israel.

High-profile professionals in the field of Israeli real-estate have joined Ofir to form the company’s executive leadership. These are qualified and skilled visionaries and integrators with a proven track record in all processes of property development.


Scope of Services

Our company provides entrepreneurial and management services and land and property improvement of Israeli real-estate to a broad range of companies and private customers.
The group’s activity includes the following:

  • Initiating and leading real-estate projects for all purposes.
  • Initiating and managing customized real-estate projects through outsourcing for property owners, striving the best and most cost effective use of our customer’s assets.
  • Strategic real-estate consulting and land and property improvement.

Leading Team

Managing Director and Partner, Ofir Greenberg

  • Has extensive experience in real-estate entrepreneurship and property management.
  • He served as CEO of real-estate companies Azorim and Shikun U’ Pituach.
  • Held senior positions at U. Dori and Ashdar Building Companies.
  • Has a BA in Economics and Accounting and an MBA (with honors) from Ben-Gurion University.
  • Graduate of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology Real-Estate Appraisal Program (with honors).
  • Certified accountant and real-estate appraiser.
  • Married and father of four.

Amit Mantsur: Finance and Strategy

  • Extensive experience in M&A transactions, strategy consulting, and complex finance operations.
  • Held senior positions at Ampal and at Alrov Group.
  • Holds a BA in Economics and Accounting and an MBA (with great honors) from Ben-Gurion University.
  • Certified accountant.
  • Married and father of four.

Yaron Bar – IEDC Industries

  • Rich experience in managing companies in the various fields of industry:  chemistry, pharma, biotechnology, agro, plastics and food.
  • Has a 20-year professional background in Teva, including managing companies in Italy,COO of Keter Plastic, CEO of Alcon and more.
  • Established and managed factories in traditional industrial fields, while working extensively with the markets of:Europe, India and China.
  • BA and MA in Industrial Engineering and Management.
  • Married and father of three.

Yehezkel (Hezi) Berkovich: Planning and Improvement

  • Extensive experience in leading planning and land improvement processes.
  • Served as Tel Aviv Municipal Engineer, leading and promoting many zoning plans and outlining planning policies for the Tel Aviv municipality.
  • Architect and urban planner with an M.Sc./M.URP from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.
  • Married and father of three.

Yossi Shalev: Director of Operations

  • Extensive experience in managing complex projects of various designations.
  • Serving as a Partner and Deputy CEO at the Waxman-Govrin-Geva Engineering Ltd.
  • Held senior engineering positions at Azorim and Gav-Yam real-estate companies.
  • Civil engineer holding a BSc (with honors) from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.
  • Married and father of three.

Amir Chamzier: Sales and Marketing

  • Extensive experience in real-estate sales and marketing management.
  • Deep knowledge of private entrepreneurship.
  • Holds a B.A. in Buisness Administration (with honors) from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.
  • Married and father of one.

Or Grair: Financial controller

  • Extensive experience in accounting standards, implementing financial processes, managing budget and analytical analysis.
  • Alumni of accounting firm Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer (EY), real estate sector.
  • Holds a BA in economics and accounting form Bar – Ilan University.
  • Certified public accountant (CPA).
  • Married and mother of one. 

Hagit Borohovitz: Customer Relations

  • Extensive experience in customer management and in promoting administration processes.
  • Holds an LL.B.
  • Certified attorney.

keren Palachi - Business Development

  • Extensive experience in marketing and branding strategies, comprehensive knowledge of the domistic retail market. 
  • Served as VP Business Development in Synergy Groupe, and other Marketing positions in real-estate companies.
  • Holds a BA in economics and accounting form the College of Management Academic Studies.

Dr. Uri Movshovitz - Psychology

  • Dr. Uri Movshovitz has extensive experience in diagnosing, advising and accompanying individuals, families and teams at key moments in business and life.
  • Served for the last decade as head of the psychology department in the Prime Minister's Office.
  • Senior clinical psychologist, certified instructor.
  • BA in Business Administration, MA in Clinical Psychology and PHD in Psychology of Sports.
  • Married and father of four.

Iris Kraus Carol - Customer Service

  • Has vast experience in project management and assimilation of processes in various fields and specifically in rea- estate.
  • Served as Welfare and Administration Director at NICE.
  • BA in Philosophy and Hebrew Literature, Tel Aviv University.
  • She is a graduate of Shenkar College of Interior Design and Academic courses in Business Administration from Ramat Gan College.
  • Married and mother of two.

Zoya Epstein - Bookkeeper

  • Has 25 years of experience in the CPA and private companies.
  • Type 3 Accountant and Payroll Accountant.
  • Holds a BA in Rail Engineering and Construction - Belarus.
  • Mother of two.

Our Values

We believe in activity that is based on a number of core values:

  • Concern for the people in our communities and love for the country we live in. Building our country and improving the life quality for those who live here, give us great satisfaction and imbues our business activity with the joy of creative effort.
  • Professionalism: Vast knowledge, years of field experience, structured, professional management, flexible thinking, and creativity promise the best and most cost-effective solutions for our clients’ assets.
  • Transparency: Promoting team work and fostering full collaboration between landowners and clients throughout the creation process brings great results.
  • Community: We found business, residential, and recreational communities, believing that a strong community produces synergy. 

Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship that sets as its goals the creation and promotion of a healthy society. IEDC promotes the creation of environments designated to accommodate the needs of mentally challenged members of the community and of individuals with social communications disorders (such as Autism)
Havat HaHayim (Life Farm)
For further details contact Ofir: ofir@iedc.co.il

Business Partners

Collaborating with partners that balance our strength with their strong suits is an effective tool in business promoting. IEDC thanks its business partners:

  • A.M.Y. Group Ltd.
  • Neuman Steel Industries Holdings Ltd.
  • Itzik Tshuva Group Ltd.
  • Ainav Initiation and Urban Renewal Ltd.
  • Bachar Group Ltd.
  • Waxman-Govrin-Geva Engineering Ltd.
  • Aspen Group Ltd.
  • Fair Value Group Ltd.
  • Middle East Tube Company Ltd.
  • Shoval Group Management Ltd.

IEDC Real-Estate Development

Entrepreneurship and property management through outsourcing

Assets owners have a limited range of improvement possibilities that includes independent project entrepreneurship, and are without the necessary knowledge and experience required to maximize their asset’s potential, or sell their property to a second party. In both cases the asset’s full potential is not realized.

IEDC Real-Estate Development operates using a unique method that helps maximize property value, while applying customized, controlled risk management.
Our working method includes all-inclusive outsourcing of all real-estate aspects, while providing practical and efficient tools for future lucrative management, emphasizing full collaboration, transparency, and expertise.
IEDC Real-Estate Development specializes in locating property and consequently initiating and managing a customized real-estate project, pursuing the highest and best use.
Our company’s services include the following:

  • Strategic real-estate consulting: Personal coaching for landowners who wish to obtain the highest and best use of their assets. Close business accompaniment for landowners during their first steps in initiating a real-estate project or optimizing profits from real-estate assets.
  • All-inclusive real-estate management: Full entrepreneurial service for landowners through outsourcing, including strategy developing, planning, managing regulatory procedures required by the relevant authorities, financing, building, and marketing. We offer our professional guarantee to accompany your project to its full optimization.
  • Asset improvement: Our Company works with a team of architects, consultants, attorneys, economists, appraisers and other professionals, who collaborate to bring you planning and asset improvement services.
  • Finance and strategy: Advanced services in real-estate, project and corporate finance, management and accompaniment of M&A of private and public corporations dealing with real-estate and related fields.
  • Managing major events: Services for handling major events in business such as crisis management, dealing with business threats and one-time opportunities, and integrating family members into the business.

IEDC Business - Calcalit Asakim

Business centers - our vision

Calcalit Asakim has initiated and is building several business centers in the Sharon Region and in the Central District, jointly with leading entrepreneurs.
One of our core values is community building; It stands at the heart of our vision of our business centers.

Our business centers accommodate a wide variety of small and medium-sized businesses that complement and nourish each other, in state-of-the-art, accessible building complexes.
A commercial area at the heart of each of our business centers provides the center’s occupants with a full range of services required in a high-end business environment.
Our business centers are located closet to densely populated areas, in the secondary urban areas, outside Tel Aviv’s central business district. They create a significant alternative business environment, close to home, for the suburban population that no longer has to cope with hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way to Tel Aviv.
We call this “quality of life”!


AMYC Business Center - Hod HaSharon

Naveh Ne'eman, Hod HaSharon
A 15,000 sq. m. business center, consisting of office and commercial space, is being built in the heart of the revived industrial zone in Naveh Ne'eman, Hod HaSharon.

This center will accommodate about a hundred small and medium-sized businesses that will enjoy a supporting commercial center and an optimal business environment.

Status: Completed
AMYC Business Center residents’ portal


Bait Manzur - Ra'anana

Mantsur House, Ra'anana
A 26,000 sq. m. business center for small and medium-sized businesses is being built in Ra'anana’s bustling business area.
This center will accommodate businesses that wish to base their offices near some of Israel’s industrial and tech giants, such as SAP and Comverse.

Status: Under construction.
Estimated Completion Date of first stage: 2020

Sale in Progress! 

Website Link>

Soho Netanya

Poleg, Netanya
This business center is being built next to IKEA, in Poleg industrial zone.
This complex, which includes about 9,000 sq. m.of office space, is located close to leisure and recreation center of similar size, built jointly by Electra Real-Estate and the entrepreneur Yaniv Efraim.
Soho business center is a joint venture with the Itzik Tshuva Group.

Estimated Completion Date:  Spring of 2018

Status: Sold Out!

Events Market - Petah Tikva

Kiryat Arye, Petah Tikva
This center, planned on a 30,000 sq. m. plot in Kiryat Arye industry zone in Petah Tikva, integrates leisure and recreation facilities with businesses from hi-tech and automobile industries.
This will be a joint venture with Neuman Steel Industries Holdings Ltd.

Estimated Completion Date of first stage: 2019

Kikar Hamoshava

HaRakevet, Hod HaSharon
Hod HaSharon’s new flagship project is located near the city’s railway station, next to Route 531. It will include 22,000 sq. m. of office space and a 7000 sq.m. commercial area.

Estimated Completion Date: 2020

Nir Tzvi Business Center

Industrial Area, Nir Tzvi
Maximize the best use of Middle East Tube Company’s asset, by promoting, planning, and improving the property, as well as managing the initiation of a state-of-the-art business park.

The project is located over a 20,000 sq. m. area near Tzrifin, near and easily accessible to an area planned for a population of significant size.
This location has a high potential of development for commercial, business, and logistics facility uses, and is designated as a future business area.   

IEDC Residential

Our Residential Vision

IEDC Residential specializes in customized business deals for landowners wishing to improve their assets and obtain the highest and best use for them.

One of IEDC’s core values is community building. This value stands in the heart of our company’s vision of residential real-estate entrepreneurship: optimizing land use while planning, and developing a marketing strategy most suitable for the target market and for the property owners.

As part of our company’s activity of land improvement and re-planning, we lay the foundation for creating new residential environments, with an emphasis on community synergy promoting quality of life.  



king Solomon Residence

Shlomo HaMelech, Netanya

In a quiet and well established neighborhood, just a few minutes' walk from the seashore and city center of Netanya, IEDC is planning a new residential project. 101 luxurious unites, across 3 unique buildings, with a mix of 3 to 6 bedrooms, garden, and penthouses apartments.
Sales are expected to launch in the spring of 2017.
Estimated construction start date: End of 2017
Estimated completion date: Winter of 2019  

Shaar Hapark Project

Ramatayim Road, Hod HaSharon
Planning, improvement and optimal realization of a mixed land use project in the heart of Hod Hasharon.
The project is located at a strategic point on a main rode - on a central street corner that will later connect to the Ramatayim Road with the "Seam Zone Park" plan. 
The project includes 50 housing units, commercial and employment areas, with a total area of ​​8,000 square meters above. 
The planning is managed and led by architect Michal Berkovich. 
Status: Planning. 
The project was successfully implemented.

IEDC Industries

IEDC Industries

Iedc Industries specializes in industrial real estate, inter alia, locating land, relocating factories and logistics centers while optimizing the real estate realization. 

The factories and logistics centers relocations', from high-demand areas to the periphery, is a complex process.
This complex process requires in-depth planning, logistics preparation and familiarity with the various aspects of the company's operations.

Iedc Industries accompanies and advises the factories and logistics centers from stage one, the decision-making process. And accompanying throw all the process stages in parallel time such as: Locating alternative land, planning the logistical transition, finance plan, and optimizing the realization of the available land.

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